Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Benefits of Music Education - Music education for kids and adults.

Music education is important to elementary children for a variety of reasons, I think. 

First of all it's FUN!  It provides 50 minutes of their school day once or twice a week to be filled with fun, engaging activities that, though they can tie to other academic areas, isn't a core academic class.  Students can come into the music room and let their hair down a little - sing, dance, explore music instruments, explore different types of music.  So many wonderful and creative things can happen in an elementary music classroom!

Secondly, studying music can help kids learn more advanced problem solving skills.  See this video below.  I think it sums it up quite nicely. 

Lastly, it gives students an opportunity to be exposed to an area they may find they truly love, but wouldn't have had the opportunity to know that if it hadn't been for the elementary general music education program. My love of music was cultivated through my public school experiences!  Some of my fondest memories include band bus trips to out of town football games and trips taken with my Community College band.  How I LOVED music and band as an elementary, Jr High, High School, and college student. Music Education is an important program for all elementary schools!!

Here's a little more food for thought on my I believe this to be so important:


  1. Stephanie,

    I love this. You did a wonderful job! Very colorful and inviting. I love the content that you provided. If I was thinking of teaching music this would help pull me to the music side of the fence.

  2. Beautiful blog! Music education is so important and your school and students are lucky to get such an enthusiastic teacher that understands all the benefits of music education! I hope you had a wonderful school year, enjoy your summer break and have an even better second year!

  3. This is a very nicely laid-out blog. I think that both students and teachers will find your content intriguing. Keep up the good work.